Artist management

You can benefit by joining our artist management program

AM - Procedures

Market Study

We can Assess talent, their reliability, and determine their market potential


Our experts able to develop and negotiate contracts and deals. Pursue record deals, agency representation, and publishing contracts

Artist Vision

WKS help develop and support the artists creative vision

Artist Path

we guide artists through the music industry


We analyze data, set goals, track and measure results to create plans to cultivate fan bases

Release With WKS

Draft business plans, marketing plans, and product release plans


Develop and coordinate marketing, advertising and promotional materials

Go Widely

Develop itineraries and manage calendars.
Book shows and tours, and develop touring strategies with agents

Money Talks

Don't worry! we create and manage your budgets and cash-flow


WKS write and manage grants and sponsorship proposals


Develop and work with production teams


WKS willing to do tons of administrative work for our artists

people talk

Hold on, our potential artist! We’re not trying to sell you on our service. Instead, here are some dudes that will do the hard work for us.

I'm joining WKS starting with my new upcoming projects as to the well market reputation, many artists in the music field recommended WKS to me for the elegant service and their exclusive promotions, hope we can get higher together
Ahmed Kamel
The client relations team of WKS is really professional and helpful, 24/7 service for my video contents, the fastest technique in distributing my music on platforms and social media management, I highly recommend
Mohamed Khaled
As a Musician, I always make music covers for both showing my talent and marketing my business, WKS is having a great role in handling and solving any problems related to copyrights with the music authors and manage the rights of my originals
Mohamed Aly

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