Our metadata team makes it quick and easy for musicians and labels to organize and identify their music before publishing it online. We’re set to set comprehensive metadata, such as song titles, artist names, album art, genres, and release dates, to ensure your music is easily searchable and accurately labeled across digital platforms. This saves time and eliminates the need to track metadata across multiple platforms, empowering artists to focus on their creative work and connect with their audience.

Content Fulfillment

Our content fulfillment process prepares your files to meet quality standards for digital platforms. We format and optimize your content for distribution with meta tags, SEO elements, and quality checks for platform-specific requirements, ensuring error-free, readable, and engaging content. Trust us to manage this process, freeing up your time to focus on your core business goals.

Delivery Process

Our platform helps independent artists and record labels distribute their music to all major digital platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon. With 24/7 support, you can manage all aspects of your distribution from one dashboard including track listings, pricing, and promotions. Our team ensures a smooth delivery process with technical and metadata requirements. Sign up today and start reaching audiences worldwide!

Pitching to

We help content creators get their music noticed on leading streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music. We have a vast licensed music database and the expertise to curate genre-specific playlists that will reach your target audience. Our team optimizes your tracks for each platform and provides expert guidance to help you get feature placements. Take your music to the next level with our curation and editorial services.

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