Music Publishing

WKSteam can protect and monetize musical works, ensuring songwriters receive proper compensation by registering copyrights with us. We manage licensing and administration, negotiate fees, and promote songwriters and their music for live performances, TV and movie placements, and collaborations. Music publishing supports and protects the creative output of songwriters, ensuring they receive fair compensation for their contributions to the music industry.

Performing Rights

Whenever somebody can hear the music, for instance at a live event, or on the radio, a TV broadcast or over the internet; the music is said to have been publicly performed and performance royalties are due to the composer/lyricist and publisher.

Mechanical Rights

Where a musical work is being transferred – for instance, a CD or vinyl pressing – a mechanical royalty is incurred on a per-unit basis. In other words, the mechanical royalty is payable to the songwriter for every copy sold. In today’s world of downloads and streaming, WKS make sure that mechanical royalties are incurred alongside performing royalties.


Where music is used on film, TV, adverts; pressed and sold on DVD, Blu-ray disc, VHS, etc., or streamed through an online service like Netflix or Amazon Prime,WKS will pay to the songwriter a sync fee in addition to performance and mechanical royalties.

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