Digital Distribution

WKS connects artists and labels to more than 50 DSPs, so you’ll be able to deliver your music and content to all known music apps via the WKS platform, allowing you to make money and protect your content.

Marketing Solutions

WKS is a dynamic, versatile, full-service digital marketing agency that doesn’t rely on smoke and mirrors to attract new clients. Instead, WKS trusts its tools and marketing skills to drive new audiences to your content.

Artist Management

Start shaping your careers in a day-to-day and long-term sense. Our management label helping in booking gigs, planning album projects, orchestrating record releases and tours and establishing and pursuing long-term career goals.

PR & Branded Content

Because we have the expertise and high technicalities in the Digital field, We implemented many works for celebrities and brands in the area of Music and Entertainment.

WKS Productions

Latest Project

Watch our latest project, “Momayaz” by Slyver PV.

Abdalla Diaa, aka “Slyver PV”, is one of the uprising stars we manage entirely. We work on building the artist’s career by planning all of his releases and analytically figuring the numbers, milestones and KPIs

WKS Platform

Like A Boss!

The application is a one-stop shop.

Artists and labels use it to distribute tracks to more than 50 DSPs.  So basically, We do the metadata enhancement information. Ensure the product quality, and finally, we deliver your content more accessible than ever.

About Us.


If you are wondering about the competitive advantages in media and marketing industry, we can tell you proudly about it. It is called WKS

We’re Editors, directors, analyzers, strategists, and keeping our words.


To fulfill the gap of all creators needs, and serving a competitive services that suites everyone.


Provide our clients with full marketing and management services for their brands and entities to help them to get more awareness and conversions.

Our Partners

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One morning, when Gregor Samsa woke from troubled dreams, he found himself transformed in his bed into a horrible vermin.


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