Ahmed Santa: one of the biggest names in the Arab Hiphop scene.

The rap scene, in Egypt has experienced growth in the Middle East showcasing artists who skillfully narrate stories about the streets with their lyrical abilities captivating an entire generation. Within this constellation of rising talents, there is one artist who stands out with prominence; Ahmed Santa. This is the tale of a musician who has become closely associated with the emerging wave of hip hop tracing his path from being a freestyle master, to achieving recognition and success.

The Rise of a Freestyle Phenom:

In the years of 2015, Ahmed Santa made a name for himself within Egypt’s budding rap scene. He became renowned, for his freestyle abilities, which set him apart from the rest. Santa’s talent to effortlessly weave words together. Mesmerized audiences, with his raw skills and rhythm, became his trademark.

Redbull Artist and Beyond:

Santa’s career took off more when he joined forces with Redbull. Since 2022 he has been a part of Redbull’s ventures establishing himself not only as a rapper but also, as a dynamic and inventive artist. His collaboration with Redbull showcased his adaptability and his talent, for connecting with people.

A Festival Favorite: BRED in Abu Dhabi:

Ahmed Santa’s renown had spread beyond the region by 2023, and he was invited to the BRED Festival in Abu Dhabi. He performed on this platform among international superstars such as Dave East, 6lack, Armani White, 2Chainz, and others. His attendance at such a renowned event demonstrated the appeal of his music to a global audience and his ability to compete with the industry’s heavyweights.

A Collaborative Path to Success

Ahmed Santa is one of the biggest names in the Arab hip-hop scene. In collaboration with Universal Music MENA, we secured the first album deal for Ahmed Santa in 2022. This was our successful beginning with Ahmed Santa.

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