Slyver PV: is one of the pioneers in the Hip Hop

Slyver PV stands out in the colorful tapestry of the Egyptian rap scene for creating a unique sound that has drawn in listeners from all around the country. 2010 saw Slyver PV launch his career at the young age of 14, and since then, he has become one of the most prominent and youthful voices in Egypt’s rap scene.

Early Beginnings :

Slyver PV’s debut performance in Mansoura in 2013 marked the beginning of his trip into the center of the rap scene. His unadulterated skill and energy at the age of 14 signaled the beginning of a bright career. His powerful and unique manner connected with audiences and paved the way for his eventual national success.

The Breakthrough Hit:

The popularity of Slyver PV’s hit song “Freska,” which ruled the trends on YouTube and TikTok, greatly aided in his rise to prominence. When “Freska” was released, it was met with great praise and demonstrated Slyver PV’s skill as a lyricist as well as his ability to write a song that speaks to the current generation of young people. The song’s engaging language and catchy tune made it instantly popular, with over 221,000 views on his official YouTube channel in just ten days—a remarkable accomplishment for a solo artist.

Slyver PV wrote the lyrics to “Freska,” which is evidence of his skill as a lyricist. Slyver PV has proven his ability to create accessible material that engages a broad audience while entertaining them with an authentic voice that speaks directly to the experiences of his generation.

Latest Musical Works:

A Collaborative Path:

In 2019, WKS recognized his potential and made a landmark decision. Slyver PV became the first hip-hop artist to be signed with WKS, marking the beginning of a symbiotic relationship that would foster his growth and expand his reach within the hip-hop community.

In light of Harb Management’s partnership with Universal Music MENA, WKS has secured a deal for Slyver PV with UMM in 2023.

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